Perfect storybook apps
for schools

“Gives children the chance to be exposed to literacy on its highest level.”

Signed Stories apps are powerful literacy tools for your schoolroom. They are genuinely inclusive allowing all children to enjoy the same brilliant books.

Each themed bundle of stories is carefully selected with the guidance of education professionals to support teachers working to Common Core State Standards and the ECERS-R scale.

Special features

  • Expert American Sign Language (ASL) performances
  • Any combination of ASL / captions / narration and music
  • Dyslexia-friendly caption settings include customizable fonts, color combinations and caption sizes
  • Build vocabulary - every story adds new words to the video dictionary
  • Engaging High Definition presentation, every story is animated
  • Two interactive learning games with each story
  • Always available, watch without Wi-Fi after download

“Thank you for bringing such incredible storytellers to my app world.”

Paula M by email

“I use Signed Stories to start conversations and give language models I can discuss with my students.”

Ge M by email

“The stories are so clear, appropriate and entertaining.”

Karen S by email