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ITV plc is an international production powerhouse. We are a top five independent television producer in the USA bringing you programs like Downton Abbey, Come Dine With Me, The Chase and Four Weddings.

Signed Stories™ is produced by our specialist sign language department ITV SignPost.

Why Signed Stories?

We all rely on good educational resources to learn how to read and write.

But deaf children and those with special needs have been starved of what they require to develop good literacy.

Parents have struggled to find quality accessible storybooks which their children can share.

And teachers are all too aware of the shortage of good classroom teaching materials. We have created Signed Stories to fill that gap. We believe passionately in the right of every child to have access to books in whatever format suits them best.

Working with some of the best international publishers, we will continue to produce a wide range of animated picture books with optional ASL, captions and narration.

It is our hope that Signed Stories will make a real and lasting difference to standards of literacy by enriching the lives of all children as they find their place in the world.

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Telephone: (+44)8448815200


Television House, The Watermark, Gateshead, England, UK, NE11 9SZ


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The best ASL storytellers

Keith Wann

One of the USA's most sought-after ASL performers

Pinky Aiello

Storyteller, entertainer, presenter and professional juggler

Peter Cook

Internationally-reputed Deaf performing artist