Useful links

Internet safety information
Useful factsheets for use in schools or at home, and host of activites for children of all ages. The website also gives details on current projects and campaigns.
Downloadable resources for children and young people aged 5-7, 8-10 and 11-16, with a separate section for parents, carers and teachers.

Interactive stories
An online guide giving seven key steps to great storytelling.
A host of narrated children’s books online
A collection of over 800 children’s stories for all ages.
Free downloadable children’s books that have become classics and children’s favourites around the world.
A literacy site which features animated children’s books.

Sign language websites
Children's stories translated into British Sign Language.
The story of Princess Uppity, translated into BSL.

Literacy and language organisations
The DYSPLA Festival is the first of its kind to challenge and celebrate the term ‘dyslexic’, proving that not only can we write, but that our dyslexia makes us better story practitioners!
Free website from the British Council with games, quizzes, and activities to support children learning English as another language.
Booktime is a free books programme for 4-5 year olds, helping families enjoy reading together for fun and for pleasure.
Non-profit group bringing key organisations together to lead literacy promotion in the UK.
International Reading Association – a membership organisation of literacy professionals.
Chance UK provides mentoring programmes for children with behavioural problems – their mentors help children to develop life skills to improve their future prospects.

Deaf organisations
A UK charity that teaches deaf babies, children and adults to use hand shapes to clarify lip patterns during speech.
Parenting UK is the national organisation for promoting best practice to people who work with parents.
The Royal Association for Deaf People promote the welfare and interests of Deaf people.