Themed story worlds

Books sit in seven magical story worlds, each with their own theme and characters

  • Adventure
  • Baby and Toddler
  • Fairytales and Folktales
  • Families and Friendships
  • Funny
  • Open House
  • Slimy Scary


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A swashbuckling sea-cat, an alien from a faraway planet and a clumsy but gentle dinosaur - what adventures to be had!

A good adventure story can stick with you for life! Even as an adult, thinking of heroes and villains can take you right back to your childhood. Adventures in faraway places aren’t that far-fetched when you’re a child - anything is possible!

Choose a book from the Adventure world and be inspired.

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Baby and Toddler

Stories come to life when Dexter reads to his friends Edgar, Katya and Flutterby from the magical story chair.

As soon as babies are born, we feed them so their bodies start to grow and develop. Storytelling from very early in life feeds the mind and fuels the imagination.

Books in this world make great first books for babies, they’re cozy favourites for curling up and sharing, and they’re great for toddlers beginning to explore the world around them.


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Fairytales and Folktales

Nigel the Knight once upon a time travelled lands of trolls, witches and giants. Now he lives with his sister Florence in the gingerbread house on the yellow brick road - and luckily she’s always there with a sprinkle of fairydust to get him out of trouble!

Fairytales and folktales take children on a trip to magical lands whether the familiar and the fantastic play perfectly together.

Fairy tales allow children to pretend, and fill in the blanks by putting themselves in the shoes of the characters.

Some of life’s most important lessons are learned through tales.

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Families and Friendships

This family of chimps led by Knuckles live by the lush waterfall deep in the forest. Grumpy Grumbles wants friends of her own age to hang around with - but a good story can get her out of a bad mood!

Stories are a safe place for children to explore their world, which in the early years will revolve around family and friends. Children can relate to their favourite characters and get an insight into how others think and feel.

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These cheeky chappies love to play practical jokes so watch out for slippery banana skins and cream pies!

Tony and Gianni are the stars of the Signed Stories CITV television series in the UK.

Funny stories help instill a lifelong love of reading in children! They encourage children to read for pleasure, and spark their creativity.

Expect giggles, sniggers and lots of fun with books in this world.  

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Open House

Professor Françoise’s lab is never a dull place to be! This clever cat and her friend Spokes love experimenting deep down in the basement of the Story House!


Open House is a magical mystery tour offering everything from rhymes and poems, to comics, non-fiction books and useful child-friendly advice on video. This world is particularly useful for teachers, offering stimulating content to help deliver key stages of the curriculum.

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Slimy Scary

Madame Esmerelda is the queen of the haunted house, and you’ll find her telling spooky stories in the moonlight! Watch out for the stinky bog where the Skuttles feed.

Slime and snails and puppy dog tails, books in this world are full of the gooey disgusting things kids love!

Some stories will help children face up to and overcome their fears.

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