Books and babies

As soon as babies are born, we feed them so their bodies start to grow and develop. Storytelling from very early in life feeds the mind and fuels the imagination.

Remarkably, about half of a person’s ultimate intelligence is developed by the age of four, and 80% by the age of eight! What happens in the early years is of the utmost importance.

Children pick up languages very easily. That’s why nursery schools and schools in many countries, including China and India, teach English as a second language to children from a very young age.

Research shows that babies as young as six months can master simple sign language, and that they benefit educationally and emotionally from being able to communicate with the people around them.

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iPads and other mobile devices are designed to be intuitive. The Signed Stories app has a Baby and Toddler world with picture books especially chosen for little ones.

These amazing YouTube videos show toddlers navigating easily around their favourite apps:


“My son Bridger just turned 2 last week and I bought him an iPad, mostly an excuse for me to get one and he actually can use it perfectly! His speech, understanding, word recognition, and even hand eye coordination have improved within just a short while!! I am so amazed and thankful for this amazing learning tool that my son has!” American father Mike Wilson

"A child is never too young for books. Holding back until a child can read is like not talking to her until she can speak." Dr Penelope Leach, international childcare expert.

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We love the Three Billy Goats Gruff!

This is one of the best known fairy tales and there are many re-tellings of the story in books and film.

This Signed Stories version is great for introducing new vocabulary, especially a range of verbs that young children can learn and imitate: walking, running, trotting, climbing, roaring, snarling, scratching, gobbling, growling and more.

This book is available for free on the Signed Stories app for iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch, with learning games and a sign language dictionary.

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