Signed Stories has a very simple goal – to help improve the literacy of deaf children nationwide by allowing them to share in the joy of storytelling. However, everyone – deaf or hearing – can use Signed Stories and we want every user to get as much enjoyment from the website as possible.

We hope we have succeeded in making Signed Stories as accessible as possible, for as many of our users as possible.  However, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the accessibility of the site we would be delighted to hear from you, please email us

Each page on this site is regularly checked for accessibility compliance, using a variety of industry-standard checking tools, plus some additional checks that we have devised specifically for our website – which is, after all, pretty unique.

For a general overview of what Signed Stories is all about and how to get the best from it, please see our guide to ‘Get the most from Signed Stories'

Signed Stories
Our Signed Stories have been designed to be enjoyed by all of our users.  All of the stories are delivered in British Sign Language (BSL), pictures, text and sound.

Text Elements
BSL access is provided for a large proportion of text content on the Website.  As described above, all of the stories are delivered in BSL, as are the summaries of the stories.  Elsewhere on the site, presence of icon indicates that, by clicking on the icon, a BSL translation of the content is provided.

All text elements on the Website, including the navigation, can be read by a screen reader.

Navigation buttons are provided in the black bar at the top of the page and in the footer.

Browser Compatibility
Signed Stories has been tested in the latest versions of all common browsers and, where possible and practical, in previous versions of all common browsers.

Motor skills
There are no actions on the site which need to be performed within a certain amount of time. 

Friendly URLs
Each themed world and every individual book has its own unique, friendly URL.