Welcome to the grown-ups’ bit of our free Signed Stories website

We’re making hundreds of children’s stories accessible in British Sign Language, animation, pictures, text and sound.

It’s a fun shared experience for friends and family, and a great resource for the classroom.

Please tell your friends, family and work colleagues about this free website.

We’d love to hear what you think of the site and your suggestions on how we can improve it – why not leave us a message.

Why Signed Stories?

Signed Stories has a very simple goal – to help improve the literacy of deaf children nationwide by allowing them to share in the joy of storytelling.

It’s also designed to provide useful advice and guidance for the parents, carers and teachers of deaf children; and for the deaf parents of hearing children.

Books enrich all our lives – they’re a vital part of a happy childhood. We thank all the writers, illustrators and publishers who have made them freely available, the sponsors and the celebrities who are supporting this not-for-profit venture, and the many organisations collaborating with us.

Everyone – deaf or hearing – can use Signed Stories. Please keep coming back to see new books as they arrive, and please tell your friends and work colleagues about this free website.

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